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№121164 Helmet M-16

Germany. The M16 helmet, a steel German helmet was designed to replace the leather, steel and felt coating of the pickelhaube version due to the increased number of head wounds that German army soldiers received. The M16 version of the helmet was first issued to soldiers fighting in Verdun in the winter of 1915-16. The M16 helmet model features a thick leather petal Balaclava, which consists of a leather Hoop and three leather segments with two tabs (three-tongued in patent designs). Each segment is equipped with a horsehair or linen pillow to soften the impact of the head, one on the forehead and one over the ears. The owner adjusts the Balaclava under himself, tightening the tabs with a leather strap or cord.

The helmet was used in the Finnish army until the sixties of the last century. The undercarriage and mesh are installed before submitting the helmet for strategic storage in the army arsenal. Only in the early 2000s was it decided to close warehouses.

250 ($275)

Helmet M-16