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№121163 Badge of Kronstadt Fortress

The Russian Empire. Officer's badge of the Kronstadt Fortress.

Established on January 14, 1904.

The base of the sign is a wreath of laurel and oak leaves, on which a fortress weapon is superimposed. On top of the sign is the combined monogram of the Emperors Peter the Great and Nicholas II under the imperial gilded crown. Below the monogram are crossed halberds and a shovel, which are superimposed with the old coat of arms of Kronstadt made in the finifti technique with the inscription "Kronshlot" at the bottom. Below is a tape with the dates "1704-1904".

Silver, gilding, glassy enamel (finift). Test stamp until 1908 - 84, head, AR, namesake not read. Typesetting sign, multilevel. Screw attachment. Size 53 * 36 mm.

4990 ($5988)

Badge of Kronstadt Fortress