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№122282 Signs for buttonholes

Germany. Signs for buttonholes for panzer.

Price for 2 badges.


Signs for buttonholes

№122281 A traditional beer mug

Germany. 1910. A traditional beer mug with the inscription "In Memory of My Service" from companions the reservist Ridler. At ...


A traditional beer mug

№122283 Cockarde SS


Cockarde SS

№123010 Frog Mauser K98

Germany. Subweight leather for a bayonet to a rifle/carbine of system of the Mauser 98K of various years of release. ...

Frog Mauser K98

№123684 Dirk of Luftwaffe M 1935

Germany. Dirk of officers of Luftwaffe (flight parts, aircraft). Model of a sample of 1935 (1st model). Early heavy type. ...


Dirk of Luftwaffe M 1935

№123146 Luger P08 holster artillery model.

Germany. 1915. A holster to the automatic Parabellum (Luger) P08 gun of artillery model. Manufacturer Hugo Pretzel & Co, Berlin. ...


Luger P08 holster artillery model.

№122871 Edelweiss

Germany.  Bundeswer.The sign Edelweiss on a field cap of mining shooters.



№122879 Edelweiss Badge

 The third Reich. Edelweiss (edelweiss) - the sign for a kepi (feldmutsе) of mountain divisions of Wehrmacht and SS

No. ...

Edelweiss Badge

№123545 Hitlerjugend Knife

Hitlerite Germany. Knife of members of the fascist youth organization Hitler Youth of a sample of 1933. It is made ...

Hitlerjugend Knife

№122270 Shield"Demyansk"

The third Reich. Shield (Armschild) "Demyansk". The award was founded on April 25, 1943 for all types of the armed ...


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