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№122479 Silver box for cigars

Germany. Beginning of the 20th century. A box for cigars. Test silver 800 (German testing brand). An engraving on the ...


Silver box for cigars

№122605 Helmet M40

Germany, M. 1940 years. Rare. WW2. Safety of a cap comforter decent, places native paint and rest of a decal.


Helmet M40

№123128 98K Mauser cartridge box

Germany. Cartridge pouches for holders to a rifle (carbine) the Mauser 98 (K98). The First and World War II. Different ...


98K Mauser cartridge box

№123085 Mauser C96 Pistol Holster

Germany. A holster butt to an automatic gun of the C96 Mauser system and various modifications ("боло", "the red nine"). ...


Mauser C96 Pistol Holster

№123165 Holster Mauser C-96

Germany. A holster - a butt for family of the K96 Mauser guns and its modifications (K96 9 mm "the ...


Holster Mauser C-96

№122902 Oilcan

Weapon oilcan (oil can) for Mosin rifle M1891.

1,2 costs 5 eur


4-70eur - sold

5. 5

6a,b - ...


№122282 Signs for buttonholes

Germany. Signs for buttonholes for panzer.

Price for 2 badges.


Signs for buttonholes

№122281 A traditional beer mug

Germany. 1910. A traditional beer mug with the inscription "In Memory of My Service" from companions the reservist Ridler. At ...


A traditional beer mug

№122283 Cockarde SS


Cockarde SS

№123010 Frog Mauser K98

Germany. Subweight leather for a bayonet to a rifle/carbine of system of the Mauser 98K of various years of release. ...

Frog Mauser K98
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