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№123903 Krynka rifle m.1869

Russian Empire.  Quickly shooting 6 linear rifle of the Krynka system (S. Krnk) of a sample of 1869 taken advantage ...


Krynka rifle m.1869

№123919 Berdan Rifle dragoon 1870.

Russian Empire. The shortened Russian 4.2-linear rifle dragoon 1870. On one!!! number. Native burnishing!! Imperial Tula small-arms factory 1883. Shortened ...


Berdan Rifle dragoon 1870.

№123879 Carbine Remington off 1863years

USA. System carbine Remington of a model of 1863. Year of release of 1875. Caliber 11,45 under a cartridge of ...


Carbine Remington off 1863years

№123789 Galan Revolver Russian

Galana system revolver of 1870. On a trunk "Oruzh. Goltyakov's factory in Tula". On a drum a brand of the ...


Galan Revolver Russian

№123781 Colt Navy M1851

USA. Revolver Colt Navy M of 1851. Six charging capsule revolver of Colt "Navy model 1851 of year". With 1851po1873gg ...


Colt Navy M1851

№123807 Navy flintlock pistol

Western Europe. First half of the 19th eyelid. The sea flintlock gun with the self-leaning-back stiletto. The lock mechanism with ...


Navy flintlock pistol

№123749 Flare gun of Chermulys

Sea flare gun of the well-known englich company Chermulys. Reception brands of the Navy of Great Britain. Very rare


Flare gun of Chermulys

№123716 Russian Revolver Colt

Model 1851 Navy №2

Made in Russia, copy of USA Colt Navy.


Russian Revolver Colt

№123771 Flare gun I. T. O. Z.

mperial Russia. A flare gun in caliber 4 (26,5mm) productions of I,T,O,Z, - Imperial Tula Small-arms Factory.

Exclusive rarity!!! ...


Flare gun I. T. O. Z.

№123810 Double-barrel Flintlock pistol

Western Europe. Double-barrel flintlock gun of the end of the 18th eyelid. In the middle of the 19th century the ...


Double-barrel Flintlock pistol
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