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№123525 Sword of Landsknecht


Germany 16 - 17 century. The edge direct with one wide trench, polished, is decorated with patterns covered by ...


Sword of Landsknecht

№123510 Trench fighting knife

Germany. Trench fighting knife of bayonet type. Presumably the manufacturer - C. Eickhorn, Solingen. Haft is executed on similarity of ...


Trench fighting knife

№123337 Russian Bayonet Mossin

Russian Empire. M 1891 for Mossin system rifle. WWI time. The bayonet is Russian, tetrahedral, to infantry and dragoon rifles ...


Russian Bayonet Mossin

№123689 German Mauser Bayonet

Bayonet hatchet German a sample of 1898/1905 to rifles and carbines of system of the Mauser of a sample of ...


German Mauser Bayonet

№123498 Germany parade bayonet

Ceremonial bayonet knife, the period of 1933-1945 Germany, to a rifle of the K98 Mauser system.


Germany parade bayonet

№123292 Knife

Knife germany KSV-M1 for M-16.



№123396 Mauser Bayonet

Bayonet for Mauser sistem rifle. By Solingen, Germany.


Mauser Bayonet

№123546 Mauser 98K ersatz bayonet

Germany. An ersatz bayonet German the period of world war to rifles and carbines of a system of the Mauser.



Mauser 98K ersatz bayonet

№123391 German Bayonet for Mauser 98K

German bayonet model 1884/98 , WWII time, for Mauser 98K rifle.


German Bayonet for Mauser 98K

№123395 K98 Mauser bayonet

Bayonet for Mauser rifle. Germany. WWII time.


K98 Mauser bayonet
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