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№123551 Hunting dagger "Hirsher"

Western Europe. Traditional hunting dagger "Hirsher". End 19 beginning of the 20th century. A blade in traditional etching on hunting ...


Hunting dagger "Hirsher"

№123230 Luftwaffe Dagger parts

New made

  1. 70 eur
  2. 50 eur

Luftwaffe Dagger parts

№123010 Frog Mauser K98

Germany. Subweight leather for a bayonet to a rifle/carbine of system of the Mauser 98K of various years of release. ...

Frog Mauser K98

№123684 Dirk of Luftwaffe M 1935

Germany. Dirk of officers of Luftwaffe (flight parts, aircraft). Model of a sample of 1935 (1st model). Early heavy type. ...


Dirk of Luftwaffe M 1935

№123486 Mauser Bayonet K98

Bayonet for Mauser K98 rifle WWII, Nazi Germany.


Mauser Bayonet K98

№123288 German Parade Fireman Knife

Germany WWII time. Parade Fireman Knife. Made by Carl Busse, Mainz.


German Parade Fireman Knife

№123498 German fire knife

Ceremonial fireman knife, the period of 1933-1945 Germany. Made by Carl Eickhorn, Solingen.


German fire knife

№123395 K98 Mauser bayonet

Bayonet for Mauser rifle. Germany. WWII time.


K98 Mauser bayonet

№123545 Hitlerjugend Knife

Hitlerite Germany. Knife of members of the fascist youth organization Hitler Youth of a sample of 1933. It is made ...

Hitlerjugend Knife

№123470 German Bayonet M 1898/1905

Mauser K98 Bayonet. Germany. WWI time. Made in Solingen in 1918.


German Bayonet M 1898/1905
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