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№122971 Star and cross Braver

Russian Empire - The white movement - Poland. A cross Brave — the medal sign founded by the general Bulak-Balakhovich ...

Star and cross Braver

№122043 Zetton of Tartu Rowing club

Russian Empire. Zetton of Tartu rowing club. An inscription on DRC 1875 bow - Derpt Rudern Club - the oldest ...


Zetton of Tartu Rowing club

№122754 Pocket watch Longines

Pocket gold watch, the most well-known Swiss company Longines in a case of shop of clocks A. Meller. Housing gold ...


Pocket watch Longines

№122783 Medal "For Merits in Agriculture"

Russian Empire - Finnish principality. Medal "For Merits in Agriculture". It is entered at the Emperor Alexander II. Carver N. ...


Medal "For Merits in Agriculture"

№122438 Scool badge RKU 1918.

Russian Empire - Latvia. Scool badge of Riga kommerc scool (RKU) 1918 year. Very rare.


Scool badge RKU 1918.

№123540 Russian police Backsword

Russian Empire - Finnish principality. Hatchet police end of the 19th century. Consisted on arms in police of the principality ...


Russian police Backsword

№122427 Baltic Cross

The Baltic cross, the volunteers participating in liberation of the Baltics from the Bolshevism were awarded, the German volunteers who, ...


Baltic Cross

№122231 Badge Guardia

USSR, WWII time. Badge Guardia made by very rare maker - Roman Tavast, Tallinn.


Badge Guardia

№123551 Hunting dagger "Hirsher"

Western Europe. Traditional hunting dagger "Hirsher". End 19 beginning of the 20th century. A blade in traditional etching on hunting ...


Hunting dagger "Hirsher"

№122877 Sign emblem of auto-tank school.

Sign emblem of auto-tank school of northwest army 1918-20. On a nut an inscription in Latvian: army economic shop.


Sign emblem of auto-tank school.
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