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№122476 Gitler bust

Third Reich. Bust of the Fuhrer Adolf Hitler. The sculptor of W. Zoll - the official sculptor of fascist Germany.


Gitler bust

№122233 Spoon

Russian Empire. A silver spoon from an officer meeting. On a shank an engraving - 12R.PB - obviously to the ...



№122531 Hours are marching officer

Germany. Beginning middle of the 20th century. Hours are marching (traveling) officer. Are made by DRP&GM. Vintage travel alarm clock ...


Hours are marching officer

№122523 Awarding watches service in the S-St. Petersburg River Police

Russian Empire. Silver pocket prize watch by Georges Favre Jacot in Locle. From the inside of a forward cover a ...


Awarding watches service in the S-St. Petersburg River Police

№122147 Buckle of Mason

Buckle of Masonic organizations, beginnings of the 20th century.


Buckle of Mason

№122541 Alexander II's portrait

Russian Empire. The portrait of Empiror Alexander II, made in 1874. Theodor Christian Avellan (Russian: Фёдор Карлович Авелан, Fyodor Karlovich ...


Alexander II's portrait

№122795 Box

Russian Empire. A box for sweets of production of joint-stock company of V. Bonaker, Moscow, in memory of 100-year anniversary ...



№122036 Jetton (Counter discharge RIA)

Russian Imperial Army. Discharge (vacation pay) counters

The Revel group of the Revel crew of boundary guards No. 34 (very ...

Jetton (Counter discharge RIA)

№122693 Waffen SS decanter

Third Reich. A decanter for alcoholic drinks with an emblem Waffen SS. Extremely rare.


Waffen SS decanter

№122625 Waffen SS glass

Third Reich. A beer glass with the motto Waffen SS - "Maine Ehre heist Treue" "My honor - my conscience". ...


Waffen SS glass
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