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№122511 Order of Nakhimov II class

USSR. WWII time. Order of Nakhimov II class №250. The gentleman of an award is Maryakhin Nikolay Sergeyevich. The Order ...


Order of Nakhimov II class

№123737 Checker officer Cossack M. 1881/1910.

Imperial Russia - the USSR. Checker officer Cossack sample of 1881/1910. On a blade on the one hand the coat ...


Checker officer Cossack M. 1881/1910.

№123919 Berdan Rifle dragoon 1870.

Russian Empire. The shortened Russian 4.2-linear rifle dragoon 1870. On one!!! number. Native burnishing!! Imperial Tula small-arms factory 1883. Shortened ...


Berdan Rifle dragoon 1870.

№123235 Manual chemical grenade M1914/17


Russian Empire. Manual chemical grenade M1914/1917
The grenade has been created on base of 1914. ...


Manual chemical grenade M1914/17

№122231 Badge Guardia

USSR, WWII time. Badge Guardia made by very rare maker - Roman Tavast, Tallinn.


Badge Guardia

№122902 Oilcan

Weapon oilcan (oil can) for Mauser rifle M1891. G98

1,2 costs 5 eur


4-70eur - sold

5. 5

6a,b ...


№123226 Adrian Helmet for police

The Russian Empire - the USSR. A helmet of the Adrian model for the lower ranks of RIA of a ...


Adrian Helmet for police

№123841 Mosin Part

Part for Mosin rifle. model 1891/09


Mosin Part

№122534 General Buckle

USSR. General buckle 1930-40. In a wreath of 11 tapes on number of the Soviet republics.


General Buckle

№122522 Leitenants insigna

USSR 1930-43years. Leitenant of Red Army insigna. In perfect tune.

Price for 1 pcs.


Leitenants insigna
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