Cornet Military Antiques Last published items 2020-01-21T09:35:32.180345+02:00 Badge "Air Fleet - Force of Russia" 2020-01-21T09:35:32.180345+02:00

Russian Empire. Charity token "Air Fleet - Force of Russia." On the lower left branch, the test label is "head, 84, alpha" and "head in circle." The master name on the right side is not readable. Vitreous blue hot enamel. Very beautiful counter!

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Parabellum (Luger )P08 Parts 2020-01-20T09:46:02.953766+02:00
  1. -deactivated - 295 eur
  2. - 90
  3. - 90 (deco 50)
  4. - 40
  5. - 180 (DWM)
  6. - 100
  7. - 120
  8. - 40
  9. - 130
  10. - 15
  11. - 120
  12. - 15
  13. - 15
  14. - 30
  15. - 70
  16. - 30
  17. - 40
  18. - 50
  19. -590
  20. - 690
  21. - 100
  22.  (deco) - 390
  23. -WaA - 70, civil -  40
  24. 7,65mm (deko) - 370
  25. see namber 123158
  26. see namber 123059
  27. -sold
  28. Erfurt - 120
  29. nevy - 250
  30. receiver - 390
  31. -55

Luger P08

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Helmet SSh-40 2020-01-20T09:13:54.105031+02:00

USSR. Helmet steel SSh-40 brands of "the 3rd punkt". RKKA in 1940 instead of SSh-36 is taken advantage. In 1942 replaced a way of fastening of a cap comforter with 6-punkt option. With a pattern star let out only in 1940 and 41 years. Magnificent safety, "native" paint. Very rare.

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Award " Red Banner of Labor" 2020-01-18T16:10:18.936390+02:00


No. 492220
No. 513614
No. 1090666

Established by the Decision of the CEC and the USSR NSC of 7 September 1928. This order was established to award for great labor services to the Soviet State and society in the field of production, science, culture, literature, art, public education, health care, state, social and other spheres of labor. The Order of the Red Banner of Labor may also be awarded to persons who are not citizens of the USSR, as well as enterprises, institutions, organizations and settlements of foreign countries. The Order of the Red Banner of Labour has made approximately 1.224.590 awards.

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Order of the Red Star 2020-01-18T15:58:25.006651+02:00

USSR. WWII time. Order of the Red Star №15433314

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Mosin Part 2020-01-18T09:48:20.730028+02:00

Part of rifle system Mosin ob. 1891/10, "dragunka", 1891/30

PHOTO INFORMATIVE - in availability several pieces. Additional. Photo at the customer 's request.

91/10 - it is sold.

91/27 Finnish


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Red Army Badges "The Best... " 2020-01-16T09:27:49.911905+02:00
      USSR. Insignia of RKKA model 1942-57gg. It is constantly updated. Ask your site administrator for more photos of the characters.
  1. 1.The excellent tankman - sold
    2. The excellent driver - 50
    3. The excellent driver - 60
    4. The excellent machine gunner - 50 (is sold)
    5. The excellent tractor operator - 120 sold
    6. The excellent sapper - 50
    7. The excellent road builder - 190
    8. The excellent gunner - 50
    9. The excellent student of aircraft - 70 sold
    10. Excellent hospital attendant - 90 sold
    11. Excellent minometchik - 60 sold
    12. The excellent machine gunner - 60 sold
    13. The excellent miner - 120 sold
    14. The excellent operator - 50
    15. The excellent shooter - 50 (is sold)
    16. The excellent student of air defense - 90
    17. The excellent scout - 90 sold
    18. The sniper - 90 (is sold)
    19. The excellent fireman - 160 (is sold)
    20. Excellent pontoner -450   

21.  Excellent torpedist   350

22.   Excellent cook  350

23.   Excellent student of railway troops  190                                           



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Knife and Fork 2020-01-14T22:53:13.895949+02:00

Silver appliances. Fabergé knife. Fork of Tallinn Jewelry Plant.

1. Fabergé knife 84 samples. Weight 63.6g. - 250 euros.
2. Fork ТФ5 - Tallinn Jewelry Plant, 800 samples, Weight 44 grams - 45 euros.

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Army Para Badge 2020-01-11T11:11:57.726340+02:00

Nazy Germany. Army Paratrooper badge with makers mark CE Junker Berlin SW. Very RARE!!!

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Silver table medal "Successful" 2020-01-11T10:57:43.140117+02:00

Russian Empire. Silver table award medal for attachment in study "Successful." It was issued from the period of Nicholas I 's reign to the period of Nicholas II 's reign inclusive (1855-1917). The medal 's averse depicts an allegorical figure of enlightenment and an inscription from above, "The Successful." On the reverse the state coat of arms (eagle).

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Luftwaffe Pilot Observer Qualification Badge 2020-01-11T10:55:20.679435+02:00

The third Reich. Luftwaffe Pilot Observer Qualification Badge (Flugzeugbeobachterabzeichen).
OSG producer -
The badge consists of two details - a wreath of laurel and oak leaves and eagles with swastika.
A wreath and an eagle from a rebel metal.
Coating of sign elements silver and ink eagle and swastika.
The entire mark cover is perfectly preserved.

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Buckle grenadierial 2020-01-11T10:20:44.246167+02:00

Russian Empire. Buckle of grenadierial regiments, grenadierial rifle battalion, since 1863 - the Caucasian grenadierial division and also the Caucasian grenadierial rifle battalion.

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Buckle of subaltern officers of regiments and battalions of army infantry 2020-01-11T10:19:58.356712+02:00

Russian Empire. 1855-1881. Buckle of subaltern officers of regiments and battalions of army infantry. From 1856 to 1865 - tamburmazhorny infantry parts of army. Since 1856 - subaltern officers of army rifle battalions. Since 1867 - subaltern officers of military and prison department. Very rare!!!

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Buckle of Mason 2020-01-11T10:19:15.410026+02:00

Buckle of Masonic organizations, beginnings of the 20th century.

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Guards Buckle 2020-01-11T10:18:22.661602+02:00

Russian Empire. A zone metal plate from red copper for Guards regiments.

1.  The manufacturer - Norblin - joint-stock company of metal factories Norblin, Brothers of Bukh and T. Verner in Warsaw. - 250 euros. Excellent condition.
2.  The manufacturer - B.Sh.D. - Joint-stock company of the connected factories of Br. Bryunner, Gugo Schneider and R. Dietmar. - 190 euros.

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Parade belt infantery 2020-01-11T10:17:33.983706+02:00

USSR, belt smart army the highest command structure of SA. On inside there is a stamp "the 3rd growth", Quality Department, a star in a circle with number 470. The buckle is anodized by gilding.

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Belt buckle 2020-01-11T10:16:47.350497+02:00

Russian Empire Army Belt buckle of the lower ranks of artillery parts of the Russian Army. 1907-1917. Very rare.

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Belt buckle 2020-01-11T10:15:33.413484+02:00

Buckle of pioneering and engineering divisions of Russian Empire. WWI.

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General Buckle 2020-01-11T10:14:50.779381+02:00

USSR. General buckle 1930-40. In a wreath of 11 tapes on number of the Soviet republics.

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Soldiers belt buckle 2020-01-11T10:14:03.343210+02:00

USSR. Soldiers belt buckle 1940-50. Made by fabric "Trud".

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