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Magazines for Luger Parabellum P-08 pistols of different periods of operation.

All magazins of WW2 with the stamp of military acceptance of the 3rd Reich (WaA) and the manufacturer's code

Variants from "a" to "e" - civil turnover

  • a -  - sold
  • b -  - sold
  • c -  - sold
  • d - - sold
  • e - 100 - With wooden heel, no stamp, with number WWI time ##1,2,3
  •  - 150 WWII  milled ##2, 3,4.
  •  - 190 eur artillery, wood №9
  •  - 110 eur #1 with number, and # 6. rezerv
  •  -100 eur kommercial model #7.

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ROA shoulder straps 2023-03-26T10:50:23.140354+03:00

The third Reich is the USSR. The chase of the ordinary personnel of the Russian Liberation Army (ROA) of the so-called "Vlasovs."

The Russian Liberation Army (ROA) is the name of the armed formation of the Committee for the Liberation of the Peoples of Russia, as well as the totality of most Russian anti-Soviet units and units from Russian collaborators within the Wehrmacht in 1942 - 1944, predominantly used at the level of separate battalions and companies, and formed by various German military structures during World War II. The army was commanded by A. A. Vlasov.


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Swiss bayonet Shmidt-Rubin M1889/1892 2023-03-26T09:47:06.082626+03:00

Bayonet of the model 1889/1892 (1900 *) to the carbine of the Schmidt-Rubin system.

In the literature there are two names for this bayonet model: "Bayonet of the model 1889/1892" and "Bayonet of the model 1900."

This bayonet model was produced in two versions, with an inner diameter of the ring in the cross of 14 mm (the most common version) and 15 mm (a rare version). The bayonet was made on the basis of bayonets of the 1863 sample and the 1871 sample, in which the tube was removed and a cross and a handle head were added to the remaining blades. The bayonet was used to arm scooters, sappers of fortresses (in combination with a cleaver) and some other special arms.

Needle-type blade, straight, tetrahedral, with lobes in all faces. The handle is a four-sided blade shank. In the head of the T-sample handle there is a slot and a spring latch with an internal arrangement of a spiral spring. In a steel cross, a barrel ring. The marking of the bayonet consists of the number and stamp of acceptance on the cross.

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Emblem on a sleeve of a uniform of ROA. 2023-03-25T12:51:52.303776+02:00

WWII time. Third Reich. World War II period. ROA - Russian Liberation Army. Vlasov 's army. Very rare.

The price of one patch is indicated.


1. sold

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Suomi M 1931 Parts 2023-03-25T09:38:19.462650+02:00
  1. - 20 eur
  2. - 50 (see № 123223) sold
  3. -
  4. - 130
  5. - 90
  6. - 30
  7.  see 123188

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MP38/40 Parts 2023-03-25T09:36:37.714625+02:00
  1. sold
  2. 150 eur
  3. 30 eur
  4. A 250 eur, B 90 eur see №123122
  5. sold
  6. magazine see lot 123067 -130 euro
  7. belt see lot 123152 - 130 euro
  8. ---
  9. sold
  10. sold
  11. 390 eur
  12. 490 eur
  13. 20
  14. 20
  15. 20
  16. 50
  17. 30
  18. 20
  19. 50
  20. 90
  21. 20
  22. 20
  23. 25
  24. 25
  25. 30
  26. 50
  27. 70
  28. 70
  29. 190

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Details of a dirk of Luftwaffe 2023-03-25T09:32:57.514526+02:00

Germany. The Third Reich. Details of the Luftwaffe dagger of the 1935 model (second model).

Handle and top.

Great condition.

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Ramrod 2023-03-25T09:11:23.194830+02:00
  • TT pistol - 5 eur, bronze 20euro.
  • Nagan - 5 eur, bronze 20 euro
  • Parabellum P08 - 40
  • Parabellum P08 WvA - 80 - sold
  • Browning FN10 (m1910) - 10 - sold
  • Browning FN10/22 - 20 - sold
  • Husqvarna M7 - 15 - sold
  • Stechkin APS - 20
  • PM (Makarov) - 5

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Sin-gunto oficer M1934/38 2023-03-23T09:03:09.217628+02:00

Shin-gunto, an army officer's sword (saber, katana) type 94 (model 1934/38). Japan. The Sowing period. WWII. With a signature blade.

The scabbard is metal, with a wooden base, painted in olive color. The headset of the handle is brass, decorated with a relief image of cherry blossoms (sakura) and leaves. The handle is made of a wooden base covered with white stingray leather (sama), wrapped with brown braid. On the handle under the braid there is a stamped brass decoration in the form of three cherry blossoms of the kadosakura type. The hamon line is traced on the surface of the blade.

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Neck medal For Zeal 2023-03-22T09:54:18.383768+02:00

Russian Empire. Award, neck medal "For diligence" during the reign of Emperor Nicholas II. It was awarded mainly to long-serving non-commissioned officers, police officers and fire brigades, as well as merchants and burghers for civil services to the state.

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Hitlerjugend knife 2023-03-22T09:46:15.040758+02:00

Germany, the Third Reich. Knife of members of the National Socialist youth organization of the Third Reich - Hitlerjugend (Hitler Youth), sample 1933. The manufacturer is a well-known Solingen company - Klaas Robert, 1939. Without moto on the blade.

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Hitlerjugend knife 2023-03-22T09:36:43.953504+02:00

Germany, the Third Reich. Knife of members of the National Socialist youth organization of the Third Reich - Hitlerjugend (Hitler Youth), sample 1933. The manufacturer is a well-known Solingen company -M7/13 - Schuttelhofer, A & C, Solingen. Without moto on the blade.

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Luftwaffe Dagger M1936 2023-03-22T09:27:58.623237+02:00

The Third Reich. Dagger of officers and non-commissioned officers of the Luftwaffe II model 1936-45. Made by a firm E & F Horster, Solingen. The details of the guard and scabbard are aluminum, the scabbard is made of zinc alloy, the handle is wooden, covered with plastic with a twisted aluminum cable.

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Wermacht Dagger M1935 2023-03-21T08:54:03.927298+02:00

Germany, Third Reich. Kortik Army Infantry Officer of the Wehrmacht (Werchmacht) of the 1935 model.

Manufacturer's stamp Horster, E&F (E.F. Hörster, Solingen). On the shank under the handle is a blacksmithing (cross). The handle device is a neusilber (melchior), which is much less common. The handle is a plastic array. The blade is not cleaned. On the scabbard traces of storage in the attic (loose patina).

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Luftwaffe dagger M1935 2023-03-21T08:49:30.886364+02:00

Germany. Dagger officer and unteroficer staff of the Luftwaffe (flight units, aviation). Model of the 1935 (1st model). Manufactured by AWJR in Solingen (Anton Wingen, Jr.).

Early release - details of the garda and sheath made of cupronickel. The handle is wooden, covered with leather, a twisted cable is passed along the groove. The scabbard is covered with dark blue painted leather. OLC Firm Suspension.

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Red Cross Dagger 2023-03-21T08:47:27.112401+02:00

Germany, the Third Reich. The cleaver of the private and non-commissioned officers of the German Red Cross (DRK) of the 1938 model. On the heel on the reverse side under the medallion there is a patent stamp "Ges. Geschützt".

The handle is metal with two black plastic pads. The front cover is corrugated, "checkered", the back is smooth. On the front medallion there is an image of an eagle with a swastika on its chest, holding a cross in its claws. All metal parts of the hilt are cast as a whole, with nickel plating. The blade is straight, massive, single-edged, with a flat blunt at the end, like a screwdriver. There is a wide deep valley along the entire length. On the butt of the blade saw with a double row of teeth.

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German bayonet M1898/05 2023-03-20T13:12:57.847125+02:00

Germany. Bayonet-knife of the 1898/05 model (new type) for Mauser rifles.

The blade of the bayonet is single-edged, with a dale on both sides and an extension in the lower third. The combat end is double-edged. The scabbard is made of iron with a hook and a ball at the end. On the heel of the blade is the brand of the manufacturer - Amberg and on the other hand - F.Herder A.Sn , Solingen.

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German bayonet M1898 2023-03-20T12:59:15.347529+02:00

Germany. A German bayonet of the 1898 model to the rifles of the Mauser system of the 1898 model. It was adopted in service in Prussia, Saxony, Württemberg and Bavaria.

The blade is single-edged, without dales, with a thickened butt and an elman. The combat end is double-edged. The scabbard is leather, with an iron device. On the heel of the blade is the brand of the manufacturer - Simson & Co Suhl.

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English bayonet M1860 2023-03-20T12:48:28.390742+02:00

England. Bayonet of the 1860 model to the Enfield rifle system.

A scimitar-type bayonet, single-bladed, with a dale on both sides. The handle is formed by two cheeks made of pressed leather, fastened to the shank with four rivets. The scabbard is leather with an iron device.

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ITALIAN BAYONET M1891 2023-03-20T12:28:31.741419+02:00

Italy. Bayonet-knife of the 1891 model for rifles and carbines of the Mannlicher-Carcano system.

The blade is straight, single-edged, with a dale on both sides. The combat end is double-edged. The handle is wooden. The scabbard is leather with an iron device. On the heel of the blade is the brand of the manufacturer. The number of the bayonet is stamped on the crosspiece.

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