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№123869 PPSh 41

USSR. Submachine gun of Shpagin (PPSh41) of a sample of 1941. Caliber of 7.62 mm. under a cartridge to the ...


PPSh 41

№123334 Polish army Knife

Official issue knife of Polish airborne troops, developed in post-war years on basis of Soviet army knife of 1940 pattern. ...


Polish army Knife

№123168 Accessory PPS41

USSR. Cartridge pouches and a belt for the PPSh-41 gun machine gun. (Shpagin's submachine gun of a sample of 1941)


Accessory PPS41

№123141 PPSh41 Parts

Parts of Shpagin's submachine gun of a sample of 1941 (ppsh41)

Photo A - 35 eur

Photo B

  1. - ...

PPSh41 Parts

№122746 Cross of St. George

Russian Empire . WWI time.

1). No. 321600 - Saks Yury Yanovich - 89 infantry Belomorsky regiment. It is awarded ...


Cross of St. George

№122913 Medal For Zeal

Russian Empire. Nikolai II time. Diameter is 30 mm. Excellent old patina. The medal was practically not worn. Condition of ...


Medal For Zeal

№123889 Winchester M1895

Made in USA for Russia. Model 1895. For Russian calibre 7,62*54mm.

In 1915-17 about 300 thousand M1895 rifles were made ...


Winchester M1895

№122232 Sign of the Finnish association of obstetrics

Russian Empire - Finnish principality. 1902. The sign "red star" was in 1900-1918 an emblem of the Finnish association of ...


Sign of the Finnish association of obstetrics

№122231 Badge Guardia

USSR, WWII time. Badge Guardia made by very rare maker - Roman Tavast, Tallinn.


Badge Guardia

№123350 Indian Bayonet Lee–Enfield

Bayonet Lee–Enfield №1 Mk II for rifle №1 Mk I. M1903


Indian Bayonet  Lee–Enfield