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№123407 Sword infantry officer M. 1798 Russia

The hilt consists of a handle with a brass head and metals. The handle wooden, is wound by a twisted ...

690 ($759)

Sword infantry officer M. 1798 Russia

№123312 German Knife KSV-77

Germany. Commercial model of the universal knife of the Bundeswehr - KSV77. The kit includes a compass, fishing hooks, fishing ...

40 ($44)

German Knife KSV-77

№123534 Bayonet hatchet Swiss sample of 1914.

Switzerland. The bayonet was used with a rifle and a carbine of a sample of 1911, and also with a ...

225 ($247)

Bayonet hatchet Swiss sample of 1914.

№123381 Airforce USA Machete

"Folding machete", issue release folding machete of the U.S. Air Force air crews, adopted to supply in 1942.

280 ($308)

Airforce USA Machete

№123256 English bayonet №4 MK II

Bayonet English No. 4 Mk II officially approved on February 13, 1941. The variant with a plastic sheath.

25 ($27)

English bayonet №4 MK II

№123473 Russian SKS bayonet

USSR. M 1945. Bayonet for SKS rifle ( Simonov karabine).

40 ($44)

Russian SKS bayonet

№123301 Vakidzasi

Japan. Short sword. A sheath and a handle are decorated with a carving up to a bone on traditional household ...

250 ($275)


№123643 Kinzhal-Bebut m.1907

Russian Empire. Kinzhal-bebut soldier's, curve sample of 1907. Artinsk small-arms factory, year of release 1914.  The edge wasn't sharpened. A ...

570 ($627)

Kinzhal-Bebut m.1907

№123351 Military knife

Trench (trench, combat) knife based on the Danish bayonet knife of the 1889 model to the Krag-Jorgensen rifle. Period of ...

225 ($247)

Military knife

№123435 Russian Bayonet Winchester

Russian Bayonet Winchester M 1915. Winchester during World War I delivered to Russia rifles of own design of a sample ...

335 ($368)

Russian Bayonet Winchester