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№123497 Machete de Artilleria

Machete de artilleria M1909 Segundo (Modelo Argentina). Made for Argentina in 1909 by Weyersberg Kirschbaum & Cie, Solingen, Germany.




Machete de Artilleria

№123525 Sword of Landsknecht


Germany 16 - 17 century. The edge direct with one wide trench, polished, is decorated with patterns covered by ...


Sword of Landsknecht

№123182 Handle of an officer dirk

Russian Empire. The 19th century. Handle of an officer sea dirk of a sample of 1803. In magnificent keep. Very ...


Handle of an officer dirk

№123426 Hatchet

  1. Hatchet French firefighter.- sold
  2. Western European hatchet.

    The price for unit is specified.



№123620 Cyn-gunto, Japanese army sword

Cyn-gunto, army officer sword of type 94 (sample of 1934). Japan. Period Seva. WWII.


Cyn-gunto, Japanese army sword

№123585 Bebut-dagger 1907 by Artinsk

Russian Empire. Dagger - Kindzal soldier's, curve sample of 1907. Artinsk small-arms factory. Year of release 1914. Sheath wooden. On ...


Bebut-dagger 1907 by Artinsk

№123658 Saber officer with a custom wedge 1881/09

Russian Empire. A checker (sabre) officer with a custom wedge of a sample 1881/1909. The blade custom with etching is ...


Saber officer with a custom wedge 1881/09

№123627 Xing-gunto

Japan. Sword non-commissioned officer's Xing-gunto. A sample of 1934, it was used during World War II. Numbers on a blade ...



№123538 Saber sea officer Model of 1858

Russian Empire. A saber sea officer a sample of 1858 with a blade from a boarding broadsword of a sample ...


Saber sea officer Model of 1858

№123711 Sable Russia nevy 1855/1914years.

Russian Empire. Saber sea officer sample 1855/1914. On a blade a brand of the rare manufacturer - L.A association. and ...


Sable Russia nevy 1855/1914years.
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