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№122625 Waffen SS glass

Third Reich. A beer glass with the motto Waffen SS - "Maine Ehre heist Treue" "My honor - my conscience". ...

890.- €

Waffen SS glass

№122693 Waffen SS decanter

Third Reich. A decanter for alcoholic drinks with an emblem Waffen SS. Extremely rare.

890.- €

Waffen SS decanter

№122619 Tobacco smoking "Orient"

Third Reich. 1930-40. Tobacco smoking well-known pre-war "Oriyent". It was bought for supply of the German army (Wehrmacht). Very rare.

80.- €

Tobacco smoking "Orient"

№122479 Silver box for cigars

Germany. Beginning of the 20th century. A box for cigars. Test silver 800 (German testing brand). An engraving on the ...

351.- €

Silver box for cigars

№122476 Gitler bust

Third Reich. Bust of the Fuhrer Adolf Hitler. The sculptor of W. Zoll - the official sculptor of fascist Germany.

530.- €

Gitler bust

№122990 Watch

Third Reich. The wrist watch is the officer Swiss. On a back cover number and an encryption of "D H" ...

350.- €


№122459 Pendent memorable for the photo.

Germany. Pendent memorable for the photo.

90.- €

 Pendent memorable for the photo.

№122668 A desktop press for papers

Third Reich. A desktop press for papers with symbolics of SS and the Iron cross. Extremely rare.

650.- €

A desktop press for papers

№122649 Coffe pot Wehrmacht

Third Reich. A coffee pot from the officer canteen of Wehrmacht (ground forces, wermacht). 1941, Bavaria factory. Complete with a ...

170.- €

Coffe pot Wehrmacht

№122639 Soup dishes

Nazi Germany. WWII time ,(Kriegsmarine), small size.

135.- €

Soup dishes