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№123737 Checker officer Cossack M. 1881/1910.

Imperial Russia - the USSR. Checker officer Cossack sample of 1881/1910. On a blade on the one hand the coat ...


Checker officer Cossack M. 1881/1910.

№123404 Russian Bayonet SVT-40

Bayonet for Tokarev system rifle, model 1940 (SVT40). Russia, USSR,


Russian Bayonet SVT-40

№123561 Shashka NKVD

USSR. Shashka cavalry for oficers and soldiers of ordinary structure of Workers' and Peasants' red militia and NKVD. 1935years.


Shashka NKVD

№123343 AK74 Bayonet

Bayonet knife to a Kalashnikov model of 1947 (AK-47). DDR. 6*2. Tarpaulin suspension.

1 - a sheath of the first ...

AK74 Bayonet

№123303 Bayonet SVT-38

USSR. Bayonet for Tokarev rifle model 1938. Rare!


Bayonet SVT-38

№123515 Russian Bayonet SVT-38

USSR. Bayonet SVT38.



Russian Bayonet SVT-38

№123364 Russian bayonet SVT-38

Bayonet for Tokarev rifle, model 1938 (SVT38). Russia, USSR.


Russian bayonet SVT-38

№123328 Russian Bayonet SVT38

USSR. WWII time. Made in Soviet Russia bayonet for Tokarev rifle M 1938. SVT-38.

Very Rare!!!


Russian Bayonet SVT38

№123334 Polish army Knife

Official issue knife of Polish airborne troops, developed in post-war years on basis of Soviet army knife of 1940 pattern. ...


Polish army Knife

№123442 Bayonet to Mosin's rifle of 1891 years.

1. Sestroretsk small-arms factory - 150 euros

2. The Tula small-arms factory - 150 euros


Bayonet to Mosin's rifle of 1891 years.
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