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№123146 Luger P08 holster artillery model.

Germany. 1915. A holster to the automatic Parabellum (Luger) P08 gun of artillery model. Manufacturer Hugo Pretzel & Co, Berlin. ...


Luger P08 holster artillery model.

№123163 Mauser C96 Holster

Germany. A holster butt to an automatic gun of the C96 Mauser system and various modifications ("bolo", "the red nine").


Mauser C96 Holster

№123226 Adrian Helmet for police

The Russian Empire - the USSR. A helmet of the Adrian model for the lower ranks of RIA of a ...


Adrian Helmet for police

№123178 A die

Die or in the people a lerka — the thread-cutting tool for cutting of male thread manually or a machine ...


A die

№122531 Hours are marching officer

Germany. Beginning middle of the 20th century. Hours are marching (traveling) officer. Are made by DRP&GM. Vintage travel alarm clock ...


Hours are marching officer

№123168 Accessory PPS41

USSR. Cartridge pouches and a belt for the PPSh-41 gun machine gun. (Shpagin's submachine gun of a sample of 1941)


Accessory PPS41

№123262 Adrian Helmet

Russian Empire. A helmet Adrian the Russian of a sample of 1915 changed in a fire helmet for Finland. I ...


Adrian Helmet

№122260 Badge (cocarde) NKVD

USSR. The badge on a headdress (cockarde) of operational administrative structure of Head Department of camps of People's Commissariat for ...


Badge (cocarde) NKVD

№122147 Buckle of Mason

Buckle of Masonic organizations, beginnings of the 20th century.


Buckle of Mason

№123161 France fireman helmet

France. Fireman helmet model 1885, made to 1910.


France fireman helmet
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