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№123010 Frog Mauser K98

Germany. Subweight leather for a bayonet to a rifle/carbine of system of the Mauser 98K (G98) of various years of ...

Frog Mauser K98

№123286 Army Binoculars

Germany. The field-glass is army, Germany, the period of World War I. Production by the most well-known company of "CARL ...


Army Binoculars

№123838 Box with tape for machine gun Maxim

In very good condition.
All details are original.

Box with tape for machine gun Maxim

№122274 Awarding suspension WW1

Germany. Awarding suspension of the veteran of WW1 from the State of Hessen - Nassau the beginnings of the 20th years ...


Awarding suspension WW1

№122996 Estonian Fireman badges

For 5, 10, 15 and 25 years service in firecare service. Made by Roman Tavast, Tallinn, Estonia.

One badge cost ...


Estonian Fireman badges

№122282 Signs for buttonholes

Germany. Signs for buttonholes for panzer.

Price for 2 badges.


Signs for buttonholes

№122281 A traditional beer mug

Germany. 1910. A traditional beer mug with the inscription "In Memory of My Service" from companions the reservist Ridler. At ...


A traditional beer mug

№122273 Edelweiss Badge

The third Reich. Edelweiss (edelweiss) - the sign for a kepi (feldmutsе) of mountain divisions of Wehrmacht and SS.

The ...


Edelweiss Badge

№122871 Edelweiss

Germany.  Bundeswer.The sign Edelweiss on a field cap of mining shooters.



№122294 Order Virtuti Militari 4th clas

Order Virtuti Militari is the award of Military valor founded in the Second Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth by the Decree of Diet ...


Order Virtuti Militari 4th clas