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№123740 Caucasian silver dagger

The Russian Empire. The end of the 19th century. Dagger kama Dagestan (Lak, Adyghe, Circassian) type in a silver frame, the so-called "ceremonial". On the blade there is an inscription in Arabic script "Murad 1320", i.e. the name of the master and the year according to the Hijra-Muslim calendar (1900 according to the Gregorian calendar). On the scabbard is an inscription in Arabic "I'm sorry". The blade is straight, diamond-shaped, double-edged, with an edge in the center. The shape of the handle of the Kabardian type with two rivets (studs).The scabbard and handle are completely covered with silver with a traditional floral pattern in the technique of cutting and engraving with blackening elements.

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Silver Brands no. Total length (without scabbard) 557mm. The length of the blade is 432 mm. The width of the heel is 42 mm. The length in the scabbard is 594 mm. Weight 1044g.

2450 ($2817)

Caucasian silver dagger