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№121576 German Bayonet the time of WWI

Germany. World War I bayonet. Made in Solingen, by WKC. An adjoining trench knife to rifles and carbines of the Mauser system of the 1898 model.

Usually this group of bayonet knives is called "Aufpflanzbare Dolchmesser" (adjoining daggers) or "Grabendolch aufpflanzbar" (adjoining trench knife). Combat knives with the ability to adjoin the rifle were produced in Germany during the First World War by a large number of frequent companies and were most often purchased at personal expense directly by military personnel. Some of them were officially adopted, for example YeV1 and issued as state property.

Total length 270mm, blade length 150mm. Double puncture of the stigma. The blade is in perfect condition.


German Bayonet the time of WWI