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№121570 Finish bayonet M1939

Finland. Bayonet for Mosin sistem rifle of sample of 1939.

The bayonet of the 1939 model was used with a rifle for the People's Guard of the Mosin system of the 1939 model, but could also adjoin the rifles of the People's Guard of the 1928 and 1928/30 model, as well as the army rifle of the Mosin system of the 1927 model. Initially, it was planned to arm not only the people's guard with a bayonet, but also the army, however, the bayonet manufacturer could not fulfill such a large contract and the bayonet entered service only with the people's guard. After the disbandment of the People's Guard (under the terms of the Paris Peace Treaty), many rifles with bayonets were placed at the disposal of the army. In total, about 10,000 bayonet knives were produced, according to some sources, most of them were destroyed in the 1970s, after this model was removed from service.

The bayonet blade is single-edged, with a narrow lobe along the edge on both sides. The handle is formed by a U-shaped wooden lining fastened to the shank with two screws. In the handle head there is a T-shaped slot and a spring latch with an internal arrangement of a spiral spring. There is also an opening in the handle head for cleaning the channel of the slot. Cross with a short, curved forward end and with a trunk ring on the side of the blade edge. Leather scabbard with metal tip.

The bayonet marking consists of the abbreviation of the People's Guard "S.Y" (Suojeluskuntian Ylieskunta) located on the heel of the blade and repeating at the mouth of the sheath and the name of the bayonet manufacturer OY. VELJEKSET KULMALAAB (Veljekset Kulmalan Konepaja OY), also located on the heel of the blade. On the cross there is usually a stamp "= S =," indicating that the bayonet was in service with the People's Guard.

The total length is 295 mm. Blade length 180 mm. In good condition, the blade is not accurate, without barbs. One rivet is missing from the scabard.


Finish bayonet M1939