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№121395 Order of Labour Glory 2 class

USSR. Order of Labor Glory of the 2nd degree, No. 26638. It was established on January 18, 1974.

The Order is awarded to workers and masters of industry, transport, construction and other branches of material production, collective farmers and agricultural workers, as well as non-productive workers for selfless and high-performance long-term work at one enterprise, institution, organization, collective farm or state farm. Teachers (teachers), educators, masters of industrial training are also awarded for success in teaching and educating children and adolescents, preparing them for life and work and long-term work in one educational institution.

The Order of Labor Glory consists of three degrees. The highest degree of the order is the first degree. The award is made sequentially: first the third, then the second and finally the first degree.

The circulation of the Order of the 2nd degree is about 50,000 pc.

Silver, gilding, enamel. Size 47*41mm. Excellent condition!

690 ($828)

Order of Labour Glory 2 class