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№121252 Badge of the Don Cossack Army

The Russian Empire. Badge of the Don Cossack army for officers. Approved on February 18, 1912.

The sign has the shape of a silver wreath of laurel and oak leaves. Inside the wreath is the coat of arms of the Don Cossacks, crowned with the royal crown, from behind which four golden banners with state eagles are visible. On the lower part of the wreath is superimposed the badge of the Order of St. George on a ribbon with the golden dates "1570" and "1870". Made in the jewelry house of the Don Army L. Pakhman.

Judging by the size of the sign, it could belong to a teenager or a lady from a very noble family of  the house of Romanov.

Silver (white metal?), gilt, hot enamel. The sign is composite, multi-tiered. Screw mount. On the nut by L. Pakhman. Size 47*31.5 mm.

15000 ($18000)

Badge of the Don Cossack Army
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