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№121250 Badge of Sveaborg Fortess

The Russian Empire. Officer's breastplate (regimental) badge of the Sveaborg Fortress. Approved on March 30, 1908.

The badge is a golden wreath of laurel and oak leaves, topped with an oxidized double-headed eagle under a golden Imperial crown. In the eagle's paws is a naval flag and a huys. In the center of the wreath is a silver shield with the inscription "Sveaborg" and the image of the monument. Under it are two crossed cannons, a shovel, an axe, two rifles, lightning bolts, and a mine. At the bottom of the sign is a red ribbon with gold dates "1808" and "1908".

Sveaborg (Sweden. Sveaborg — "Swedish fortress") or Suomenlinna (Fin. Suomenlinna — "Finnish fortress"), is a bastion system of fortifications on the islands near the Finnish capital Helsinki. Administrative district of the city of Helsinki. From the XVIII to the middle of the XX century, the fortifications protected Helsingfors from the sea, from the 1960s-the museum and the residential area.

Bronze, gilding, enamel. Size 61*41 mm.

2900 ($3480)

Badge of Sveaborg Fortess