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№121236 Neck medal For Zeal 44mm.

Russian Empire. Award, neck medal "For Zeal" during the reign of Emperor Nicholas II, reduced size, with a diameter of 44 mm. On May 26, 1915, Emperor Nicholas II approved the Regulations of the Committee of Ministers on changing the sample and size of gold and silver medals produced for the Chapter of Orders. The size and, accordingly, the thickness of neck medals decreased from 50 (51) mm to 44 (45) mm, and chest medals from 30 to 28 mm. It was awarded mainly to long-serving non-commissioned officers, police officers and fire brigades, as well as merchants and burghers for civil services to the state.

The third photo is given to compare the dimensions with a medal with a diameter of 51 mm. The photo is informative.

Silver. The diameter is 44 mm. Weight 43.6g. Natural patina. In perfect condition. The original ribbon of the Order of St.Stanislav, 275 mm long, 34 mm wide.

1490 ($1713)

Neck medal For Zeal 44mm.