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№121182 Shashka dragoon officer name M1881

Russian Empire. Shashka dragoon officer name M 1881. On the blade in the cartouche there is an eagle with the inscription Zlatoust arms factory, 1891. On the other side of the blade under the princely crown of the monogram "GA" - presumably His Serene Prince George Alexandrovich Yurievsky - the son of Emperor Alexander 2nd from a morganatic marriage with Princess Ekaterina Dolgorukaja (Yurievskaya). Both cartouches are gilded. The garda is also branded "Zlatoust or Fabr." The blade is single-lobed with two narrow lobes at the edge. The details of the garden and sheath are gilded (with characteristic abrasions on the side adjacent to the body). A blackwood handle? The scabbard ring is triangular. The scabbard is covered with dark-root skin.

Magnificent in safety and belonging to the Imperial family copy.

Total length 957 mm, blade length 810 mm.

19990 ($23988)

Shashka dragoon officer name M1881