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№121183 Badge "For excellent shooting"

USSR. Badge "For excellent shooting". Established by order of the Revvoensoveta of July 10, 1922 to encourage the command staff and ordinary red army soldiers of the red army for success in combat training. The sign of the sample of 1938, in the form of a round shooting target, in the upper part of which the inscription "For excellent shooting"is applied. Above the target is a red five-pointed star with a hammer and sickle. On the left, the target is framed with a red banner, on the right-with Bay leaves. Under the target is a curly red enamel ribbon with the inscription "red army". The sign is suspended by two chains from a small rectangular block of red enamel.

Tompak, hot enamel. Manufacturer-Mondvor. The mounting screw is lost. The size of the sign is 45.35*36.57 mm.

290 ($319)

Badge "For excellent shooting"