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№121166 St. Georg Cross 4 class

Russian empire. St. George's Cross of the 4st degree No. 929686.

The highest soldier's award of The world war I period for bravery and personal courage.

The insignia of the order is a cross with expanding blades at the end. In the center of the cross is a medallion of a round shape, on the front side of which is depicted Saint George striking a serpent. On the reverse side of the medallion, the letters S and G were applied in the form of a monogram. The cross bars on the front side remained clean, and the reverse was marked with the serial number of the award. The cross was to be worn on a black and orange St. George ribbon ("the colors of smoke and flame")

Silver. Size 34*40mm. Weight 11 g. Excellent condition, mirror shine, natural patina.

235 ($282)

St. Georg Cross 4 class
St. Georg Cross 4 class
St. Georg Cross 4 class
St. Georg Cross 4 class
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