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№123843 Flint gun Cossack.

The Russian Empire. A pistol with a Circassian flintlock decorated with patterns, corals and semiprecious stones. Late 18th - early 19th century. The barrel is Damascus steel, without rifling. A skull with bones is engraved on the breech of the barrel - a widespread symbol of immortality. Under it is an Arabic (Persian) script and the date of manufacture. The master's mark is on the key board. The bed is wooden, with silver overlays decorated with patterns, covered (pasted) with black donkey skin. The handle ends with a ball decorated with semiprecious stones.A very rare item in excellent condition with a working mechanism!!!.

Caliber 12,3mm. Length of a trunk is 275 mm. The wood under a dulny slip is broken off - not difficult restoration is required.

1875 ($2156)

Flint gun Cossack.