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№123745 Soldier's pistol mod. 1848

Russian Еmpire. A soldier's percussion cap pistol of the 1848 model. Izhevsk weapons factory. Year of manufacture 1858. All parts with the same markings (bow and arrow and the letters "MD"). The handle box is in excellent condition in their native paint. The 1848 soldier's percussion pistol was the first specially designed percussion cap pistol adopted by the Russian army.Fully functional. According to the law of the Russian Federation-cultural and historical value (not subject to deactivation).

The Russian soldier's percussion cap pistol of the 1848 model has a total length of 40.4 cm (15 inches 9 lines), a barrel length of 24.4 cm (9 inches 6 lines), and a barrel caliber of 18 mm (7.1 lines). The barrel bore is smooth, the weight of the gun is 1390 grams (3 pounds 38 spool). Replace the screw that secures the trigger.


Soldier's pistol mod. 1848