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№123676 Caucasus dagger (Dagestan)

Russian Empire. Elegant Caucasus (Dagestan, or more precisely Lak) dagger kama in silver frame, made in Circassian style. The blade is worked out in three fractions. In the upper part of the blade the quote from the koran is made with Arabic knitting. On knives and handle test stamps (female head, 84, ISh) of Tiflis test tube control with initials Joseph Alexandrovitch Schmidetskyi (1896-1908) and name P.J - Zhilin Petr Petrov son, the eldest (1755-1821) Postfor and Cherevel master worked after 1806 after the name P.J. A magnificent sample of Caucasus national weapons!

Silver 84, masters brand . Size 440/340/30mm. Silver, black, wood, steel.


Caucasus dagger (Dagestan)