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№123587 Saber artillery soldier's of 1868.

Imperial Russia. Saber artillery soldier's sample.1868 of year. Device of a sheath and Gardo brass. A wooden handle from the remains twisted pro-wolves in trenches. On a hilt the encryption of a body and number according to the list "V.K.A. No. 1329" is beaten out (Vladikavkaz arsenal, list number 1329) . A sheath wooden, fitted by colored skin. On all details of a sheath a control brand of "W". A blade of insignificant curvature with one wide dale and the oboyudnoostry end. On a blade heel Zlatoust and "1872" on the other hand production (acceptance) brands "W, "L", "Л". The edge with one wide dale in good shape, was practically not sharpened, without jags. In general good and rare subject.

Total length is 890 mm. Length of a blade is 745 mm.

1330 ($1463)

Saber artillery soldier's of 1868.