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№123538 Saber sea officer Model of 1858

Russian Empire. A saber sea officer a sample of 1858 with a blade from a boarding broadsword of a sample of 1856 for boatswains and sergeant-majors Guards and naval crews. It is made not earlier than 1883. A blade of custom well-known German company WKC (Vayersberg, Kirshbaum and To.) in Solingen founded in 1883 (a brand on a blade heel). The blade is made as a boarding broadsword obr.1856 years. Garda - gilded light bronze, a handle - the tree, is fitted by skin.

Garret storage. One handle is broken off. Uniform small rust on all length of a blade.

Size 763/915mm.

970 ($1067)

Saber sea officer Model of 1858