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№123494 Silver Caucasian dagger

The Russian Empire. The Caucasian dagger of an arbitrary pattern made in 1911 by the master Jamal. A fully silver "rich" gift copy. The dagger is decorated with engraving and ink, a large floral ornament in the Circassian style. On the back of the scabbard is a cartouche with the text "V.G.K. master Jala,m, 1911". Above it is an image of a human head, which indicates the non-Muslim origin of the master.

Stamp assay silver 84 samples, female head, Greek letter "O" (omicron) - Transcaucasian district. traditional Caucasian manner in the style of "rabble", the namesake of the master "ZhS".

Total length without scabbard 495mm, blade length 368mm.The condition is good

2455 ($2823)

Silver Caucasian dagger