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№123007 Medal in Memory of Russian-Japan War 1904-1905

Russian Empire. Private minted medal "In memory of the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-1905." Established on January 21, 1906. In the center of the "all-seeing eye," surrounded by radiance and dates "1904-1905," on the reverse is the inscription "May the Lord ascend you in due time." On the ear is the name of the master "LZ" and the oval test mark "84" is the female head in the kokoshnik and the Greek letter alpha.

The silver medal was awarded to all persons (military personnel, officials, sailors, doctors, etc.) who were in Port Arthur and its fortified area during the defense.

Silver 84 samples. Diameter 28 mm, weight 12.2 grams. Natural noble patina.

590 ($708)

Medal  in Memory of Russian-Japan War 1904-1905