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№122565 Badge "100 years of the Pavlovsk Military School"

Russian Empire. On December 7, 1898, the jubilee sign on the graduation of the Pavlovsk Military School was highly approved: a golden wreath of laurel and oak branches, crowned with a golden Imperial crown. On the wreath are superimposed combined gold monogram of Nicholas II (from above) and Paul I (from below). A silver figure of 100 is superimposed on the intersection of the branches. All graduates of the 1st Pavlovsky and Pavlovsky military schools, as well as all teachers and class ranks of the school, received the right to wear the sign.

1794 − 9.10.1797 - Gatchina orphanage; 9.10.1797 - 23.12.1798 - House of Military Education; 23.12.1798 − 19.02.1829 - Imperial Military Orphanage; 19.02.1829 − 25.08.1863 - Pavlovsky Cadet Corps; 16.09.1863 − 1894 - 1st Military Pavlovsk School.

Silver. Gilding. "84" sample. Name "ВД" Screw attachment. On the nut is the test tube stamp "84, women's head to the left, ИЛ" and the coat of arms of Moscow. Size 34.5 * 50.2 mm. VF+++

1690 ($2028)

Badge "100 years of the Pavlovsk Military School"