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№122271 Army Wound Badge

Germany. WWI time. Black, cut out. Verwundetenabzeichen

 Breastplate "for injury" 3 degrees ("black wound"). Original name in German Verwundetenabzeichen. The badge was established by Kaiser Wilhelm 2 of Germany (reigning; 1888-1918) on March 3, 1918. German Empire (1871-1918). this badge was awarded to soldiers and officers of The German Imperial Army (original name in German; Deutsches Kaiserliches Heer) and the German Imperial air Force (original name in German; Die Luftstreitkräfte des Deutschen Kaiserreichs) for injuries received at the front during World war 1, 1914-1918 (from one to two light injuries in total).

Steel, blackered. Size 38,7*43,5mm. Weight 9,82g.

100 ($120)

Army Wound Badge
Army Wound Badge
Army Wound Badge
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