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№122265 Star of the Hero of Socialist Labor

USSR. Gold Medal "Hammer and Sickle" No. 8871. The title of Hero of Socialist Labor is the highest degree of distinction for services in the field of economic and socio-cultural construction. The title of Hero of Socialist Labor is awarded to persons who have shown labor heroism, their particularly outstanding innovative activities have made a significant contribution to improving the efficiency of social production, contributed to the rise of the national economy, science, culture, the growth of the power and glory of the USSR.

The Hammer and Sickle gold medal is a five-pointed star with smooth dihedral rays on the obverse. In the center of the medal there is a relief hammer and sickle. The distance from the center of the star to the top of the beam is 15 mm. The diameter of the circumscribed circle of the star is 33.5 mm. The size of the hammer and sickle from the handle to the top point is 14 and 13 mm, respectively.

The reverse side of the medal has a smooth surface and is bounded along the contour by a protruding thin rim. On the reverse side, in the center of the medal, there is an inscription in convex letters “Hero of Socialist Labor". The size of the letters in the words “Hero” and "Labor" - 2 by 1 mm, in the word " Socialist” - 1.5 by 0.75 mm. In the upper beam is the number of the medal with a height of 1 mm.

The medal is connected by means of an eye and a ring to a metal gilded pad, which is a rectangular plate with a height of 15 mm and a width of 19.5 mm, with frames in the upper and lower parts. Along the base of the pad there are slits, the inner part of it is covered with a silk moire ribbon of red color with a width of 20 mm. The pad has on the reverse side a threaded pin with a nut for attaching the medal to the clothing.

In general, over the entire history of the USSR, the title of Hero of Socialist Labor was awarded to more than 19 thousand people.

The medal is made of 950 gold. The pad of the medal is made of silver. As of September 18, 1975, the gold content in the medal is 14.583±0.903 g, the silver content is 12.03±0.927 g. The weight of the medal without the pad is 15.25 g. The total weight of the medal is 29 g.

2500 ($3000)

Star of the Hero of Socialist Labor