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№122066 Badge of Kuban cossack army for officers

Russian Empire. The badge of the Kuban Cossack army officer has been approved on February 18, 1912 in honor of the 200th summer anniversary of the Kuban army (1696-1896). The badge represents the oak wreath topped with a two-headed eagle under the Imperial crown, on which breast a white board with figure "200". The combined Catherine II and Nicholas II's monogram is lower. In the lower part of the sign the coat of arms of the Kuban region surrounded with blue banners. Under the coat of arms the Aleksandrovsky tape with dates "1696" and "1896".

The badge compound, a wreath type-setting, silvered.

Bronze, gilding, silvering, hot enamel. The sign is composite, two-level, the wreath is typed. Screw mount. Size 32.8*44.5 mm.

1790 ($2148)

Badge of Kuban cossack army for officers