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№122035 Red Cross Badge of St. Elizabeth

Russian Empire. 1903. Counter of the donor of gold community of St. Elizabeth. The committee for strengthening of means of Elisavetinsky community of nurses of the Russian society of the Red Cross consisted under Most august protection of E. I. V. The grand Duchess Elisaveta Fiodorovna also I settled down in Tauride Palace in St. Petersburg. About 1900 the prize sign of community in the form of a rhombus with the monogram "Е" under an imperial crown which was given to persons of both sexes for monetary donations and personal works for the aid to ROKK has been founded. Signs were made of silver and of gold and rushed men – on a chain, and women – on a prikolka in the form of a brooch. On a reverse of a full name nakgrazhdenny - Grigory Efimovich Kalfov. 1903.

Very rare counter, in perfect tune.

Gold 56 of test of "YaL" Imnnik "NP" - Nicholas and Plinke, St. Petersburg, 1899-1904. Hot enamel.


Red Cross Badge of St. Elizabeth