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№121614 Kindzal Bebut

Russian Empire. Bebut is a dagger of a soldier's curve of 1907. Manufactured by the Zlatou Arms Factory in 1917.

The blade is steel, slightly curved, with two narrow lobes on each side. The handle is figured, narrow in the middle part. Installation of the cover handle: wooden cheeks, painted black, riveted with two brass rivets. The upper rivet also holds the brass shackle bushing (appears since 1912). Wooden sheath, covered with leather, with a metal device. The device consists of a mouth, a bracket with a cord ring, on which the dagger is suspended to the waist belt and a tip (toe) ending with a ball.

The blade was sharpening. The skin of the scabbard is injured in places. Total length 585mm. Blade length 430mm.

590 ($708)

Kindzal Bebut