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№121556 Medal in Memory of 200th Anniversary of Naval Battle in Gangut

The Russian Empire. Medal "In memory of the 200th anniversary of the Naval Battle of Gangut"

It was established on June 12, 1914.The drawing of the medal was approved by the Highest on November 28, 1913, and the Regulation on the order of awarding-July 7, 1914. According to this provision, announced only on February 28, 1915, the right to wear the medal was presented to all members of the service by July 27, 1914. (Anniversary Day) the ranks of the Maritime Department and military units that took part in the Gangut Battle; all direct descendants (Male) admirals, generals, and commanders of the individual units involved in this battle, as well as all previously serving in the Maritime Department admirals, generals, headquarters and ober officers, medical and civilian ranks, and sacred In connection with the beginning of the First World War, the celebrations were cancelled, and medals on February 23, 1915. The Highest was commanded: "Lower ranks of the fleet and land department to distribute after the war to those units and in the composition that was supposed to be awarded on the day of celebration of the anniversary... The same is for officers, but."

  14000 copies of this medal were distributed to the awarded. The medal was worn on the chest on the ribbon of the Order of St. Andrew with a chain over the ribbon.

Light bronze. The diameter is 28 mm. The weight is 10.7 grams. Original, silk ribbon.

468 $

Medal in Memory of 200th Anniversary of Naval Battle in Gangut