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№121506 St. George Cross 4 class #874044

The Russian Empire. St. George's Cross of the 4th class No. 874044. Awarded - Alexey Andreevich Mironov - 4th Finnish Rifle Artillery Division, bombardier. For the fact that in the battle of the 22nd and 23.06.1916, in a position south-west of the village of Dolgosheya, under actual enemy artillery fire, he repeatedly restored telephone communication, torn from shrapnel shells, which contributed to maintaining communication with the commander of the 14th artillery brigade and with the chief of the 17th Infantry Division, thanks to which there was an opportunity to orient the head of the 17th Infantry Division about the situation on the left flank of the 14th Infantry Division and thereby contributed to the former success.

Excellent condition, UNC.

Silver. Size 34*34 mm. Weight 11.3 grams.

460 ($506)

St. George Cross 4 class #874044