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№121462 Pickelhelm

Germany, Bavaria. Pickelhelm, Pickelhaube (German Pickelhaube (inf.)), also called a helmet with a pike (German Helm mit Spitze) is a pointed leather helmet worn in the XIX and XX century by servicemen of the Russian, German and British armed forces, firefighters and policemen.

Pickelhelm was commissioned into the Prussian army in 1842 by order of King Frederick William IV. Friedrich Wilhelm IV by his decree introduced the Pickelhelm for most of the Prussian army on October 23, 1842. Pickelhelm quickly spread among other German states. For example, the Grand Duchy of Oldenburg introduced it in 1849, the Grand Duchy of Baden in 1870, and in 1887 the Kingdom of Bavaria became the last of the German states to introduce Pickelhelm.

The base of the pikelhelm is made of reinforced (boiled) leather, treated to give a glossy black shine, and reinforced with a metal finish (usually gilded or silvered for officers), which included a metal spike in the pommel. The cockade is in the form of the coat of arms of Bavaria.

Leather, brass. Very good condition.

71200 ($1068)