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№121461 Medal in Memory of Russian-Japan War 1904-1905

The Russian Empire. Medal in memory of the Russian-Japanese War of 1904-1905. Established on January 21, 1906. In the center is the "all-seeing eye", surrounded by radiance and the dates "1904-1905", on the reverse is the inscription "may the God exalt you in due time".

The light bronze medal was awarded to: a) generals, officers, lower ranks of the military and naval departments, ranks of the state militia, border guards and volunteers who took part in battles; b) all class and medical ranks, priests, orderlies and nurses who performed their duties during military operations; c) persons of all classes who were awarded the insignia of the Military Order or the medal with the inscription "For Bravery".

The medal was worn on the chest on the connected ribbon of the Orders of St. Nicholas.St. George and St. Alexander Nevsky.

Light bronze. Diameter 28 mm

588 $

Medal in Memory of Russian-Japan War 1904-1905