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№121433 SA sports badge in "bronze" II type

The Third Reich. The sports badge of SA in "bronze" II type (SA
Sportabzeichen in bronze), the brand of the manufacturer - E.Schneider, Udenscheid. Issue number 231949.

Officially, the SA Sports Badge was established on February 15, 1935, but it has existed in the structure of the SA since 1933, when only SA members had the right to award this badge. The badge was divided into three degrees – bronze, silver and gold, and was worn on the left breast pocket. The sign was a garland of oak leaves without acorns, rolled into a ring. Inside there was a swastika, and a sword was placed on top of it, point up. To obtain a bronze degree, it was necessary to pass the tests within 12 months (age up to 35 years). For a silver degree – passing tests within 12 months, or an annual, confirming exam every year for 5 years (age 35-40 years). Golden degree – passing military sports tests for 12 months, or an annual, confirming exam every year for 6 years (age over 40 years). In 1939, Hitler replaced the Sports Badge of the SA with a Badge for the Protection of the SA. It was no longer a sports badge, but a badge for achievements.

The sign is made in magnetic metal. The coating is fire gilding, patina. Fastening with a needle. Size 47*59 mm. The weight is 18.9 grams.

170 ($204)

SA sports badge in "bronze" II type