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№121422 Badge of Veterinarians

Russian Empire. Badge of Veterinarians. The sign is a silver-plated state coat of arms, with the Moscow coat of arms and the chain of the Order of St. Andrew, surrounded from below by a gilded, set wreath of laurel and oak branches. Two silver letters "BB" ( "Veterinarian") are superimposed on the place of their intersection.

A significant number of veterinarians served in the cavalry units of RIA (Russian Imperial Army). The badge was worn on the left side of the tunic. In RIA, according to the staff schedule, 1 veterinarian was supposed to be for each cavalry and Cossack regiment, each artillery brigade, every 2 horse artillery batteries, every cavalry reserve cadre (except for the Caucasian, which has 3 veterinarians), every division (gendarmerie, Cossack and Crimean) and every baggage battalion. In total, 315 veterinarians were registered in the military department. The military veterinarian was a military official.

Silver 84 samples (shoulder blade), gilding. The nameplate of the master "IM", gilding. The whole sign is typeset!!! Excellent condition!!! A very rare sign!!!

1490 ($1788)

Badge of Veterinarians