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№121408 Badge of the 36th Oryol Infantry Regiment

Russian Empire. Regimental sign of the 36th Oryol Field Marshal Prince of Warsaw Count Paskevich-Erivan Infantry Regiment for non-commissioned officers. Approved on May 7, 1911. The sign is a cross. In the center is a silver overhead gilded double-headed eagle, on the chest of which the combined monogram of Emperors Peter I and Nicholas II. The eagle is crowned with the Imperial Crown. On the lower beam of the cross of the date "1711 19/11 1911." Are the initials of the owner of "KA" artisanally scrawled on the reverse?

Oxidized white metal, gilded silver. Size 43 * 43 mm. Weight 13.7 grams. The sign is three-level, the eagle and lucky are overhead. The attachment nut is lost.

990 ($1188)

Badge of the 36th Oryol Infantry Regiment