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№121377 Helmet of horse artillery model 1909

The Russian Empire. The ceremonial helmet of the lower ranks of the horse artillery of the 1909 model. The helmet is a hemisphere made of pigskin lacquered with glossy black paint. In the frontal part of the helmet, the coat of arms is an Imperial eagle on "cannons" decorated with a ribbon with the inscription "For Distinction". The inscription is indented. On the front visor there is a narrow strip of light bronze along the edge. All metal parts of the helmet are made of light bronze. A black horsehair plume is mounted in the upper part of the helmet. In the temporal region on the right side there is a rund - painted cockade behind the chin strap. The cockade has an orange-black-and-white color. The chin strap consists of scales sewn onto a leather base. On the inside of the helmet is the brand of the manufacturer and the year of production - "Til and Co., Moscow, 1910". 54 size. On the cloth balaclava there is a clearly distinguishable inscription - the name of the owner of the "КЛИНКА".

Excellent preservation, extremely rare.

Leather, cloth, Light bronze, horsehair (mane), black lacquer.

4455 ($4900)

Helmet of horse artillery model 1909