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№121328 Cross of Bravery from Bulak-Balakhovits

Russian - Civil War, White Movement: northwest of the Empire (Pskov, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland). The Cross of the Brave is an order badge established by General Bulak-Balakhovich to award the ranks of his detachment.

A white metal cross, shaped like a St. George's Cross, covered with white enamel. In the center of the cross is a stamped round medallion, of oxidized silver, on which a dead head is depicted above a crossed sword and torch. The medallion is surrounded by a laurel wreath tied with a ribbon at the bottom. The reverse side is smooth. The first copies had numbers.

Silver, gilding, enamel. The number of the cross is 44. Size 51*57 mm. Neck ribbon, 40 mm wide, 48 cm long.

900 ($1080)

Cross of Bravery from Bulak-Balakhovits