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№121313 Medal "For the conquest of the Western Caucasus"

Russian empire. Award-winning silver medal "For the conquest of the Western Caucasus". It was established on July 12, 1864. the Medal was awarded to: 1) all generals, staff and chief officers, lower ranks of troops and militia who participated in 1859-1864 in expeditions and military actions against recalcitrant mountaineers within the Western Caucasus (beyond the Kuban and on the Eastern shore of the Black sea) as part of detachments and mobile columns, or when repelling enemy attacks; 2) priests and medical officials who were with the troops and performed their duties during military operations and expeditions; 3) officials of military and civil departments attached to the army during expeditions; 4) volunteers who took part in the battles; 5) belonged to the troops of all nastroenij the lower ranks, were with the troops during the fighting or participating in battles. The total circulation of the medal is 211000.

Silver. Medallier of the front side N.A.Kozin (under the neck cut: N.KOSIN R.) D 28 mm.

590 ($708)

Medal "For the conquest of the Western Caucasus"