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№121272 Helmet

1.   Bulgaria. Helmet (steel helmet) of the 1936 model. The weight of the helmet was about 1200 grams. The thickness of the steel is 2 mm. A characteristic feature of the M 36 was two vents located on the right and left sides, resembling the vents of the German M 16. There were three types of M 36 - "type A", "type B" and "type C", this was caused, first of all, by the fact that the helmets were made in different factories (Sandrik-Dolne Hamre Slovakia, - Bruder Gottlieb und Brauchbar-Brun, Moravia and Bratri-Brnocechia this factory once produced Autrian helmets M 17), as well as by the fact that in the process of using helmets, the Bulgarian military adjusted their requirements for combat helmets. The M 36 " A "and M 36" B " differed from the M 36 "C" only in the rolled edges of the helmet base (the "C" type is characterized by sharp edges of the helmet base) and the way the balaclava was attached, in the first two types the balaclava was attached to an aluminum hoop, which in turn was riveted to the helmet. In the M 36 "S" helmets, the balaclava was also attached to an aluminum hoop, only this hoop was attached not to the helmet, but to four steel shock-absorbing plates that were attached to the helmet. M 36 " A "and M 36" B " differed in the number of rivets that attached the balaclava hoop. The balaclava of the M 36 " A "was fastened with four rivets, and the M 36" B " with three, just like the German steel helmet M 16. The price is 60 euros.

2.    The helmet of a member of the Warsaw Pact, made on the type of the Soviet helmet. The price is 35 euros.