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№121212 Order "Badge of Honor"

USSR. Order "Badge of Honor" No. 37556 with screw fastening.

The Order of the Badge of Honor was established by the Decree of the CEC of the USSR dated November 25, 1935 to award for high achievements in production, research, state, socio-cultural, sports and other socially useful activities, as well as for manifestations of civic valor.

The Order "Badge of Honor" has the shape of an oval, framed on the sides by oak branches. In the center of it there are figures of a worker and a female worker carrying symmetrically arranged banners to the left and right of them with the inscription "Proletarians of all countries, unite”". In the upper part of the order there is a five-pointed star, under which there is a relief inscription “USSR” on the background of the banner. In the lower part of the order there is a relief inscription “BADGE OF HONOR”. The banners and the star are covered with ruby-red enamel and bordered along the contours with gilded rims. The flagpoles and inscriptions are gilded, the oak branches, the lower part of the order and its general background are oxidized.

Silver, gilding, enamel. Size 46*32.5 mm. Screw mount. The nut is silver.

1138 $

Order "Badge of Honor"